About this website

Diabetes at School is a resource for families, schools and caregivers to help school-aged children with type 1 diabetes, a chronic disease where the pancreas no longer produces insulin. We have three goals with this site.

  • Safety: Above all, children and youth with type 1 diabetes must be safe at school. That means people who have contact with students are aware of the potential risks, and what to do if there is an emergency. 
  • Support: Children and youth with type 1 diabetes will need varying levels of support with their disease, and people who provide that support need training and resources.
  • Success:  With planning, awareness and education, all students with type 1 diabetes can have a positive and full school experience.

Diabetes at School was created by the Canadian Paediatric Society, in partnership with Diabetes Canada, the Canadian Paediatric Endocrine Group, and a team of health professionals and parents.

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